How to highlight (and hide) facial features

So, you’re one of us? The poor girls who are yet to shed their baby face, well, never fear, help is here in the form of makeup! Here’s a few tips on how to highlight and darken certain areas of the face to disguise those areas you do not want people to see!

1. Highlighter and matte Bronzer should become your new best friends, I particularly like Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat  Highlighting Pen, (DON’T FORGET TO SEARCH AMAZON AND EBAY FOR GOOD DEALS ON PREMIUM MAKEUP BRANDS) and MAC’s Mineralize SkinFinising Powder- Give Me Sun, use these products along with concealer to target and hide certain areas of the face, below is a photo of Katy Perry that I edited to show these zones.


2. Do not over use your products or else you risk looking like Coco the Clown, remember, when it comes to makeup, less is always more, one sweep of product should be more than enough for your needs.Also remember to tap or blow excess powder off your brush, any powder that falls somewhere it  should not be can be blended away with a Kabuki Brush. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Yours, AJ ❤


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